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The team here at Family Wellness is dedicated to helping patients to restore maximum function and live their lives to the fullest! We work in a self-motivated manner and a spirit of co-operation in order to take advantage of our strengths and help each other serve our patients. We will strive towards a low-stress work environment that is enjoyable for EVERYONE in the office (team members and patients!)

Our practice works together with our patients to encourage them to pursue ever-greater levels of health and happiness. The focus of our team will continue to be on the care of the patient and how they can understand and appreciate their health more while encouraging others to do the same. We will help our patients to value their care and willingly continue care throughout their lives.

More about the Doctor

Dr. Brian Adams has been practicing in the Raleigh area since 1998. He moved to North Carolina after graduating from New York Chiropractic College in April 1998. His achievements include inclusion in the Phi Chi Academic Fraternity, as well as scoring in the top 90th percentile in his board examinations. With a focus on health that includes rehabilitation of the spine, Dr. Adams studied extensively in the fields of neurology, anatomy, physiology and sports rehabilitation while at Chiropractic College. (Find out more about his education here.) With a caring bedside manner and concern for the quality of his patients' lives, Dr. Adams is uniquely qualified to deliver care to the Triangle region.


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